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Earn free PSN codes that work! This is the number one location to get Free PSN Cards in 2019. Complete a few simple tasks and receive your code by mail! No complex steps and hours of work. Easy and quick tasks to get a quick reward! We offer $10, $20 and $50 Playstation Network Codes!

How to get Free PSN Codes in 2019?

Ever wondered how it would be to play games and get Free PSN Card Codes that work? That’s what you get here. Create an account today and claim one of the prizes below!

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How can I earn codes?

It’s time to answer the money question: ‘How can I get free PSN codes? As mentioned above, there’s a lot of ways for you to get your hands on some of that PSN card credit.

The easiest way is by:

  • downloading apps
  • watching game trailers
  • completing surveys
  • participating in free giveaways
  • reaching certain levels within a game

All awesome games you would play anyway. All of this doesn’t take much time. In most cases it’ll take you less than an hour to get a $20 or $50 Free PSN card! 

Other ways of earning free PSN codes are: 

  • Watching a variety of movies and trailers (cooking, lifestyle etc.)
  • Sharing and liking 
  • Submitting your e-mail for a newsletter
  • Filling in surveys

These are just some examples of a multitude of tasks you can complete in order to earn points. Our offers get updated daily. 

Do you want to earn free PSN, while saying ‘no’ to a survey? Not a problem!

Just have a look at our offer and choose the tasks you’d like to perform.

Furthermore, no human verification is required, which makes it even easier for you to get legal PSN Gift Card free!

Free PSN Codes

How to get started?


1. Sign up with your email address


2. Earn points with surveys, play games, watch movies and more!


3. Get a Free PSN Code worth $10, $20 or $50.


4. Claim your code and receive it by mail!

What is a PSN code for free and why do I need it for PSN?

In order to get a free PSN card you must know what the PSN Network is about. We’ll give you a quick update on the subject.

The PSN Network is a platform that PlayStation users can use to play online multiplayer games, stream music and video content, but also to buy new games, get the newest expansion sets and more. 

It’s basically a platform of Sony where you can play and buy a lot of things related to games. Wouldn’t it be nice to play games and earn Free PSN Credit, which you can redeem and use to buy more games and other cool features?

That’s where PGW comes into play. We serve as the middleman between the advertisers and you, providing you the option of playing for credit

We’ll say it again: You’re earning free PSN gift card codes that actually work and you’re doing that by playing your favorite games. It doesn’t get much better than this! Our payment already start with a $10 psn card code for free.

PlayStation PGW
PlayStation Gift Card for plus and store

How do I redeem the gift card codes? 

You can redeem the free PSN codes for every device in multiple ways. We’re talking about the PS3, PS4, PSP, PS VITA and other Sony devices. No survey or verification is required. To avoid unclarity, we’ll give you the most common ways of redeeming your points.

The first is via your Playstation account and the other one is via your web browser. Follow these steps and you’ll be done within a minute. 

When using your Playstation account:

  1. Click on the Playstation icon
  2. Go to the settings page
  3. Open Playstation Network
  4. Click on account info
  5. Go through your online wallet
  6. Select ‘add the money’
  7. Click ‘redeem code’
  8. Fill in the 12 digit code

When using your web browser:

  1. Click the link:
  2. Use your current Sony Network account or create a new one
  3. Click Redeem Prepaid Card
  4. Fill in the code
  5. Click Continue

There’s no need to worry if your credits don’t go up within a couple of seconds. In some cases, if can take a minute or two for the free PSN credit to be stored.

What happens when I earn the credit? 

After you earn your free PSN plus codes, they’re stored in your Playstation Network account. This functions as an online wallet and a paying system, which makes every transaction with regards to games that much easier. Since we pay for your credit, you can get Free PSN Games.

The PSN code in your account is always at your disposal. Keep in mind though, that you have to redeem the card within the upcoming 5 years. But hey, us gamers don’t have much trouble spending our hard earned Free PSN Money, do we? 

Another thing to bear in mind is that when you’re short on PlayStation credit and can’t wait another second to buy the game you want.

It is important to realize, that you can always get back to us. Start earning more real Free PSN Codes with no verification is simple. Stick with us and you are settled for a life time. 

Checkout our social media for proof!

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Why should I redeem my PSN codes? 

There are many reasons why you should use your free PSN card codes, other than the obvious reason that you’re able to play the newest games and try out cool new features.

First of all, while redeeming your credit via your Playstation Network account, you’re buying the game online and installing it on your account.

The big advantage of this is the fact that you can share it with a friend, who can subsequently download it on their device. This means that both of you can play the game, while one of you paid for it. Cool, right? 

Another benefit of getting a code from our free PSN codes list, is the fact that you can manage everything from the comfort of your own home, without having to go to the store. Furthermore, paying with your free working PSN codes means, as mentioned above, that there is no physical game.

You won’t have to worry about losing the disc or damaging it. Another reason that sure does sound tempting, is that when you purchase a game online, you’ll get all kinds of discounts. You won’t find these anywhere else but online! Now it’s time for you to get one of our free PSN redeem codes. 

Free legit PSN codes; how it works

Contrary to so called ‘free PSN card generators’, our business is able to gift you real PSN codes. How to get free psn cards? It’s pretty simple actually. We establish a link between the users and the advertising companies.

These companies want people to use their applications and play their games.

We make sure they do. In return, they provide us with PSN gift cards for free, which we distribute to the users: that’s you.

As mentioned before, these codes are online credit that you can use in your Playstation Store to buy all kinds of goodies.

There are a lot of websites around who claim to provide a Free PSN gift code. Most of the times they don’t, but we do! 

Play & Earn with PWG

Why would you waste time playing games for free, when you can play and earn simultaneously.  It’s nothing short of a win-win situation. All you need to do is choose the tasks you like and you’re good to go. Don’t wait any longer: start playing, start earning free PlayStation Store Codes. 

About us

Something that describes us? We love to play games. Online, offline, we love it all. But it doesn’t end there. It is our mission to give you the opportunity to play the games you want to play.

We’re talking about the ones you usually wouldn’t play due to financial reasons. Money shouldn’t be a factor. That’s why we started PWG: so that everybody can earn credit and with that buy the games you’ve always wanted. Besides, you can also use the credit to buy expansion packs, season passes, currencies that you can use in-game, the possibilities are endless!

Another aim of ours is to make this process of earning PSN credit a fun task. So, what do gamers love to do? Well, play games of course! That’s why we built a platform where you can earn PSN codes by playing games. And that’s not all.

There are all kinds of cool in-game tasks waiting for you. Reach a certain level, perform missions, find an item, slay the dragon, save the princess, you get the idea.

Trademark Notice

PlayStationPGW allows its users to earn Free PSN Gift Cards, purchased from an authorized seller. Words like “PlayStation and “PSN” are trademarks registered and owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. We use the trademarks for fair purpose. PlayStation, PSN and Sony Interactive Entertrainment LLC. are in now way sponsors or affiliated to PlayStationPGW. 


Do you have any questions left, or is there maybe something you’d like to share with us? Feel free to send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Now, stop waste time and start earning Free PSN Codes


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